Derek Burns
Although I was born in Portland, OR I have spent all but three of my 46 years in California.  Six years in Upland, CA (home of the pipeline skatepark of Zboy fame), and the balance in Nor Cal.  Arrival in California when I was three instigated an immediate connection with water and I never looked back. Competitive swimming at age 4 flowed into an active outdoor lifestyle including skateboarding, surfing, skim boarding, hardcore swimming, water polo and a general aquatic state of mind.  Those six years in Upland came from fourth to ninth grade and instilled in me a love for "jumping off of stuff", I still love to dive head first into whatever might be coming.
The food factor comes in when I hungout in the commercial kitchens my dad ran when I was a kid. By 14, I was in the restaurant business and by 16,  I was cooking for a living.  1986 signalled time to bolt to SF and build a real culinary foundation.  Working with some of the best in the world, I gained my own vision and have been in pursuit ever since. Pacifica has been a focus of mine since I moved to San Francisco all those years ago. So many times I tried to convince an urban roommate that the coast beckoned, and that it did NOT mean suburbia! Finally when my first daughter was born in 1998, I became a Pacifican.   It is with deep gratitude that I contribute the ideas and culinary passions of my fellow Pacificans through Seed to Feed.
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