Marc Guarino: The New Face of Trumbull High School

This former Guilford High School faculty member is now the principal of Trumbull High.

Trumbull High School Principal Marc Guarino.
Trumbull High School Principal Marc Guarino.
By Gary Jeanfaivre:

New Trumbull High School Principal Marc Guarino (pronounced "Garino") has been doing a lot of walking this summer.

And he can sympathize with the incoming freshman class.

Since taking over July 1 for Robert Tremaglio, Guarino has been familiarizing himself with THS, one of the largest in the state with 2,200 students and staff total. His last school, Guilford High School, had 1,100 students.

"I'm still trying to familiarize myself as much as I can," Guarino said. "I'm anxious. I can't wait to meet the kids."

He had his first meeting with students who were performing with the Trumbull Youth Association this summer. The shows were in the Trumbull High School Auditorium.

He said if all the students were like them, "I am one of the luckiest principals in the state or the United States."

Tremaglio left the job in June to head the Agriscience School next to THS after years with the school. But Guarino said he's ready to fill those shoes.

"My goal is to be as visible in classrooms as much as possible," he said. He added that he's thankful he is entering an almost-completely renovated THS, noting that he appreciates what Tremaglio went through with eight years of construction.

Tremaglio used to pull 12-hour days sometimes, something for which Guarino is ready.  "That's pretty typical to expect of a high school principal," he said.

He'll also be commuting farther from his family. The new principal is married to a second-grade teacher and has three children, ages 13, 11 and 3.

But even with 15 years of experience, Guarino admits he has a lot in common with the incoming freshman class. He'll be relying on student leaders to help learn his way around.

"I'm the oldest freshman in the building," he said.

One of his challenges will include how to keep students connected in a large building. "There are always going to be challenges in education. How do you personalize it for the kids?"

As for what he would improve about the school, he said, "It's a little early for me [to say]."

He will learn what works and what doesn't when the re-accreditation officials from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges visits in October, a process he is familiar with and in which he took part in Guilford.

"I'm very confident when we open the building, this facility will be able to deliver the program effectively for students," Guarino said.

When it comes to who he roots for, there is no question. Guilford does not play Trumbull High in athletics, but it did, "I am a Trumbull Eagle and I support our students. 100 percent THS all the way."

Guarino plans on staying in Trumbull for as long as "the rest of my career."

He noted that the THS' colors, black and gold, also belong to Daniel Hand High School in Madison, Guilford's rival.

When he wore the high school's colors home, his wife commented on the color scheme.

Garino replied, "At least it doesn't say Daniel Hand High School."
Diane Bickford VanSteenbergen September 02, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Good luck Marc!! You will be missed at GHS though!!! The VanSteenbergen Family


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