Guilford Board of Education Appoints Assistant Superintendent and Director of Pupil Services

It's Official: At a special meeting this Tuesday, Guilford Board of Education appointed two new administrators set to take over their respective positions early 2013

On Tuesday evening, at a special meeting held by the Guilford Board of Education, Paul Freeman,  Superintendent of Schools, recommended the appointments of Jason Beaudin to the position of Assistant Superintendent of Operations, and Virginia Brown to the position of Director of Pupil Services. The Board approved his recommendation, and the two candidates were approved to fill the positions officially. 

Beaudin, currently Principal of Avon High School, Avon, CT, will replace retiring School Business Administrator Andy Potochney. Lori Hahn, Communications Coordinator for Guilford Board of Education, shares in a press release that Beaudin "brings his experience managing an $11 million building budget, coordinating a $27 million building renovation project, and the supervision of 110 staff members to Guilford." In addition to overseeing business operations for the district, Beaudin will also supervise Human Resources. 
"Colleagues describe Jason Beaudin as committed to student success and effectively allocating resources to optimize learning," Hahn continues. "He has extensive experience facilitating and serving on hiring committees and has consistently selected excellent candidates for a variety of positions." 

Brown is currently the Director of Special Services for Stonington Public Schools where she oversees the district’s special education services. She will be replacing Lloyd Johnson, who has served as the Interim Director of Pupil Services in Guilford since July of this year. 

"Since her appointment as Director of Special Services in 2010, Brown has continually worked to develop programs in district to better serve students with learning differences," the press release states. "These programs include implementing a School-Based Health Center, a Special Needs Parent Advisory Committee, and a transitional program – 'The Community Classroom.'"

Brown also implemented the 'Autism Consortium,' a model of training for all staff members on strategies and interventions to improve learning for students with Autism. This was a result of a comprehensive review of special services in Stonington Public Schools. The Guilford Board of Education believes this experience should prove valuable to Guilford's own 'Bright Connection' Autism Program, which is now a pilot program at Guilford Lakes School.

Superintendent Freeman is enthusiastic about the decision to appoint the two candidates: “Jason and Virginia will be exciting additions to our leadership team, adding strength as we continue increasing our capacity to educate more of our children with special needs here in Guilford, continuing our roll-out of the Common Core State Standards, and implementing the State’s new requirements for teacher and principal evaluations and professional development.”
In the press release, Freeman also shared his appreciation and gratitude for Lloyd Johnson and Andy Potochney. “I am very grateful for Lloyd Johnson’s willingness to bring his extensive experience to our Pupil Services Department on an interim basis while we searched for a permanent Director," Freeman shared. "And Andy will be greatly missed.  Guilford Public Schools and the Town have relied on the financial leadership of Andy Potochney since 1996. His ability to expertly develop and manage our school system’s budgets, and advise the Board of Education and Administration on numerous fiscal issues have instilled confidence and provided stability throughout his tenure.“

Both new administrators are set to join Guilford Public Schools early next year. Official start dates will be announced soon. 


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