'Trading in Helmets for Hardhats'

Senator Meyer joined Guilford small business owner, Louis Weady to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of a landmark bipartisan jobs bill vote that focuses on advocating for and employing local veterans.


Yesterday, Royal Printing owner Louis Weady welcomed state Sen. Edward Meyer to his business to honor the one year anniversary of a bipartisan Jobs Bill and to tout the STEP-Up program, a new employment and job training program created under the bill. The bill also advocates for the employment of Veterans.

"We want our Veterans to trade in Helmets for Hardhats," said Adam Joseph, Democratic State Sentate spokesman, about the bill. "And we want to cut down on the red tape for small businesses to go through when hiring, and really expedite that process for them."

Weady agreed with that sentiment, and said that the bill held true to that promise. "I was hesitant at first to get involved in this kind of initiative," Weady explained. "Usually it takes so many steps to put something in action, but in this case, I had 50 resumes withing two weeks, tons of Marine, Army and Navy veterans looking for jobs."

So far, Weady has employed one of the Veteran applicants from the program, and has one more job opportunity that he is looking to fill. "This one's a winner," Weady commented about the program at the gathering yesterday. "The ease of operation makes the opportunity easy to navigate, and they have the right people in the right place." Previously, Royal Printing employeed 25 people, but due to the success of this program, they are able to take on another two.

Sen. Meyer agreed with Weady's sentiments about the success of the program. "This is a momentous day," said Senator Meyer. "Honoring the one year anniversary of the largest job movement in Connecticut. Small businesses, which this program targets, is the engine of our economy, and we need to get the word out about this opportunity in Guilford, and all over Connecticut."

According to a press release, the bill has assisted 11 companies in the 12th Senate District, and created a total of 148 jobs. Statewide, the Jobs Bill has dispersed $32 million in loans and grants to more than 240 CT companies. Startups in Guilford could also take advantage of these Grant opportunities offered by the bill. The bill has helped the state retain over 2,000 jobs and has supported the creation of more than 1,300 new positions. For a full press release on the event and program, click here.


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