Guilford Could See Raising of Several Coastal Roads in Town

At Monday night's Board of Selectman meeting, the Board voted to send to the Board of Fiance three bond resolutions, including proposals to elevate several coastal roads in Guilford, such as Old Quarry, Chaffinch Island and Tuttle's Point.


In addition to recommending the proposed 2013-2014 budget to the Board of Finance, the Board of Selectman also sent three bond resolutions to the BOF for consideration at their Monday night meeting.

The bond resolutions total $5,991,000 over a two-year period. These long-term capital initiatives would include the elevation of several coastal roads in the town, including Old Quarry, Chaffinch Island and Tuttle's Point. 

"On some of our roads, residents have trouble getting out of their house," First Selectman Joe Mazza said at the meeting. "When Sandy was here, some of these folks were stranded for days without being able to get out of their homes. That's a safety issue. "

"Our roads are definitely a big priority," concurred Selectwoman Veronica Wallace.

The proposed bond resolutions will also include replacing outdated equipment for the Fire Department, and Public Works, as well as improvements to town property. 

"We have aging equipment, and now we're catching up," continue Wallace. 

"Public works trucks need updating," said Selectman Gary MacElhiney. "We need to replace them at regular intervals, it really lowers the cost of maintenance, and improves fuel efficiency."

"There is not a snow storm goes by when a Public Works employee doesn't have crawl under a truck to make repairs in the middle of the downpour of snow," Mazza added. 

"Our personnel are just way too valuable for them to go through that," concluded Charles Havdra. 


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