Last Day To Register To Vote Is Oct. 30

More Than 62,000 New Voters Have Registered in the Last Month


A press release from Secretary of the State Denise Merrill:

The final deadline to register to vote in-person at town or city offices is Tuesday October 30th.  Secretary Merrill is also reporting that the number of registered voters in Connecticut continues to rise, with another 62,000 new voters registering in the last month and nearly 153,000 new voters registering so far in 2012.

"There is only one week left to register to vote, and I urge every eligible voter: don’t sit on the sidelines.  Register now so your voice can be heard on November 6th,” said Secretary Merrill, Connecticut’s top elections official.  “The leaders we choose to serve us in Hartford and Washington, D.C. will have great impact on our state for years.  We have many competitive races, and every vote is going to count in 2012.  If you are not registered, you must put your forms in the mail by today and you have one week to register in-person at your town offices.  Time is running out to register, so I encourage everyone concerned with the direction of our country and our state to register to vote now so you can cast a ballot on November 6th.”

Secretary Merrill also reported today that the total number of registered voters in Connecticut is 2,045,689.  The largest group of registered voters in Connecticut is unaffiliated, accounting for 851,631 voters.  There are 751,522 registered Democrats and 425,106 registered Republicans. (A complete list is attached)

Since the beginning of this year, at least 152,930 Connecticut residents have become newly registered voters.  Of those, there are 53,264 new Democrats, compared to 26,768 new Republicans and 68,998 new unaffiliated voters.  Once again, young voters between the ages of 18-29 represent the largest number of newly registered voters, with more than 67,290 registering since the beginning of this year.

For more information about Connecticut’s safe, easy, and secure optical scan voting system and to download voter registration and absentee ballot forms, find out if you are registered to vote and where your polling place is, visit www.sots.ct.gov


PARTY                                                     COUNT   

A Better Future                                             6   

A Connecticut Party                                       6   

A Sentinel Party                                            26   

Canterbury First                                            2   

Chatham Party                                              9   

Concerned Citizens                                        183   

Connecticut For Lieberman                             83   

Democratic                                                 751,522   

Enfield Taxpayers Party                                  2   

Friends Of Saybrook                                       13   

Green                                                           1,770   

Guilty                                                           1   

Independence                                                827   

Independence For Montville                            7

Independent                                                 12,628

Independent Choice                                       1

Libertarian                                                    1,487

Milford Independent Party                              3

Norwich for Change                                       1

Pro-Bethel                                                    2

Realistic Balance                                           3

Reform                                                         86

Republican                                                  425,106

Swing                                                           2

The Hampton Party                                        1

Unaffiliated                                                 851,631

We The People                                               44

Winsted Independent                                      37

Working Families                                            200


                                      TOTAL              2,045,689         


PARTY                                                     COUNT

A Connecticut Party                                       1

Canterbury First                                            1

Chatham Party                                              1

Concerned Citizens                                        1

Connecticut For Lieberman                             8

Democratic                                                53,264

Friends Of Saybrook                                      1

Green                                                          174

Independence                                              72

Independent                                                 3,300

Independent Choice                                      1

Libertarian                                                     287

Reform                                                        8

Republican                                                26,768

Swing                                                          1

Unaffiliated                                               68,998

We The People                                             3

Winsted Independent                                    1

Working Families                                          40


                                    TOTAL                152,930



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