Guilford Results: Obama Wins Town Majority, Meyer Slips by Cartier in 12th District Race

Obama captures town majority in Guilford on way to re-election; Murphy wins Guilford; DeLauro beats Winsley; Meyer nips Cartier in 12th District State Senate Race

Here are the unofficial results of Guilford Decision 2012 as Town Hall wraps up ballot counting for the night:

Obama Captures Guilford Majority

Obama and Biden take the town majority here in Guilford, with 7,409 votes. Romney/Ryan comes in with 5,168 votes. Anderson/Rodriguez pulled in 26 votes, and Johnson/ Gray took 86. Obama also now claiming Connecticut as a victory.

Murphy wins Guilford

Chris Murphy slid by Linda McMahon, bringing in 7,080 votes. McMahon pulled in slightly less, with 5,052. Passarelli took home 205 Guilford votes. Tallies now showing Murphy wins the race for US Senator. McMahon says she has 'Not Regrets' in her second failed campaign for congress.

DeLauro beats Winsley

DeLauro crushes Winsley, bringing in 8,590 Guilford votes, and Winsley only securing 3,636. The AP reports DeLauro wins the 3rd District Race Convincingly. According to unofficial voting tallies, DeLauro was the clear winner in all Guilford districts.

Meyer slips by Cartier in 12th District Race

In a close race, Ed Meyer gains a victory in Guilford, with 6,645 votes. Challenger Cindy Cartier brings in 5,551, no doubt the closest race here in Guilford. Both candidates were spotted at the polling stations here in town earlier today. Meyer was seen outside District 5 polls at A.W. Cox Elementary, a District he did win when the votes were tallied tonight. Cartier was seen outside of Calvin Leete, District 1, which, according to voting tallies, was a District she ultimately lost. 

State Representative Tallies in Guilford

Running unopposed, State Representative for Districts 1,2,3, and 5 Patricia M. Widlitz brought in 6,948 votes. Republican Vincent Candelora in District 4 brought in 1,233 votes from his district, where he was also running unopposed.

Check out Guilford Patch's coverage of Election Day here in Town.

Pete Zuppardi November 07, 2012 at 07:40 AM
Good job Cindy--I hope you'll keep fighting for us, the tax payers, in the future.
Hansa Junchun November 07, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Meyer the Liar slips by, all right, on a coating of slime: the ex-Genovese Crime family lawyer and paedophile excuser turned legislator Ed Meyer the Liar slithers into another term, and its congrats to his convicted felon campaign manager, Gould the Ghoul for it.


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