Cartier vs. Meyer Debate Round Two

The second half of the Cartier and Meyer debate is covered, with highlights of the two candidates differing perspectives and how it will affect life here in Guilford

Tuesday evening, Guilford, Branford, and Madison Chambers of Commerce hosted a debate at Woodwinds in Branford, where Senator Edward Meyer and Cindy Cartier faced each other. As political banter filled the air, the most important questions remain: What does it all mean for us here in Guilford? What do your candidates believe in and what are there policy plans to address critical issues here? Yesterday, I covered the first half of the debate, which discussed issues such as the budget, Medicaid, job creation, and tax breaks. Today’s coverage includes the topics of Obama Care, education, bipartisan work, and the environment. Here is a breakdown of what went down highlighting the take-away points from each candidates’ response:

 The moderator posed this question: If Obama Care is repealed, how would you create your own health care plan?

Cindy Cartier highlights:

-       Her legal background and experience in insurance would enable her to work collectively and collaboratively without increasing spending

Senator Meyer highlights:

-       If Obama Care is defeated, he would do in CT what the General Assembly did this year

-       His moves would include approving a health exchange program, creating a market for private health products

-       He stressed that he wanted to give people the opportunity to go into insurance options and have a choice

The moderator next asked: How do you provide businesses with qualified employees to choose from? In other words, how do you create a qualified work force?

Senator Meyer highlights:

-       Wants to link up current jobs with education, making sure that the technologies in the work force are consisted with the technologies being used in the work force.

-       Goals would including shrinking the Achievement Gap, placing higher standards of accountability on teachers and focusing on reading programs

-       Our suburban schools are falling behind and we are putting ourselves in a position not to compete in the future

-       Need to heighten accountability and mandates in schools

Cindy Cartier highlights:

-       Wants to encourage young people to stay in Connecticut

-       Believes we need to remove the stigma of not going to college and opting for trade school instead; college is not right for every student

-       Wants to remove some school mandates

-       Believes schools in the 12th district are some of the best in the state, and we shouldn’t put mandates on good schools here in this district just because they may be needed in urban schools

The moderator then described the following: Kids with special needs in our schools are not getting appropriate needs met, and now we’re talking about reduction in the budget. We also have many people saying that Guilford, Madison, and Branford not getting their fair shake at appropriate funds, how would you respond?

Senator Meyer highlights:

-       The government should pick up special education completely

Cindy Cartier highlights:

-       Disagreed that Guilford schools and the like get only 9 cents for every $2-4 that inner city schools get

The environment was the next topic on the table for the candidates. The moderator asked: “How do we begin the long term process to solve our environmental issues?”

Senator Meyer highlights:

-       Is part of a task force addressing issues of environment and energy on the Shoreline

-       Sponsored a major bill that modified the Coastal Management Act, which affects how building occurs on the shore

-       Thought that CL&P’s reaction to Irene was abysmal, so he has put accountability in place and penalties for the company that would affect their equity

-       When customers sought coverage through their insurance companies were not protected under stipulations of water damage vs. extreme weather arguments, and in the future we need to be specific about extreme weather coverage

Cindy Cartier highlights:

-       Believed that the penalties put in place on CL&P trickle down to customers and are really a penalty to them instead of the company

-       Nothing was done about preparation until the storm happened, and believes in a more proactive approach

-       Wants to bring insurances in on the discussion to alleviate issues, since she attributes to lack of available insurance coverage as part of the issue

The last question of the evening was about each candidates’ ability to engage in bipartisan work.

Cindy Cartier highlights:

-       Mostly been in the minority party, and has worked on a bipartisan level on many projects including initiation of Wellness Programs that included health care, seminars, newsletters and free classes

-       As a result of this program, there was an overall reduction in health coverage costs, and it all came at no cost to the taxpayers of Guilford

-       It’s unfortunate that the parties don’t get together enough, and in her eyes, its not “My way or the highway,” as she thinks the Senator operates, she believes there is greatness in working together

Senator Meyer highlights:

-       Focused on the Republican parties consistency in not working on a bipartisan level in regards to his small business package and the Jackson Lab job proposals, where in both cases, according to him, ever republic voted no

-       The trend is that the two parties are not working together.

justin paglino October 19, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Good job Ed! Your Sound balanced leadership is appreciated!


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