Report: Search Warrant Secured for Vehicle in Fatal Guilford Crash

The New Haven Register is reporting that a search warrant has been issued for the vehicle that was involved in the late-night car crash in Guilford that led to the death of a 23-year-old Madison woman.


According to New Haven Register reporter Ebony Walmsley, police have secured a search warrant to the car that was involved in a . The one-car accident led to the death of Michele B. Noble, a 23-year-old Madison resident. Noble was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to the original Guilford Police Department Press Release. 

Walmsley states in her article that according to the police report, Scott Severino, 25, of West Lake Avenue, was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, and Eric Tendler, 23, of Mulberry Point Road and Justin Daley, 24, of Laurelbrook Drive, were the other passengers.

The Register reports that according to Yale-New Haven Hospital spokesman Mark Antonio, Tendler was in good condition. Walmsley's report also states that the hospital does not have any record of driver Severino, or passenger Daley. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, The New Haven Register reported

Police Chief Thomas Terribile said an inspection of the vehicle was completed Monday. An arrest warrant may be applied for based on the inspection, the chief said. Terribile said this could take several days... A search warrant is also being secured for the blood and alcohol testing of those taken to the hospital.

According to Guilford Police Department Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Provencher, the investigation could continue for quite some time. 

"I know the case is still under investigation, however, I don't know what the time-line is for the conclusion of the investigation," Provencher told Guilford Patch in an email, Jan 30, 2013. "I know these investigations are often very complicated and will at the very least take several weeks."

For the full story on the incident, click here. 

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