[Update] Partial Roof Collapse at Guilford Food Center; Store OK

Guilford FD is shoring up a section of roof at Guilford Food Center to prevent further collapse. No injuries were reported; Ray Rosa reports that it will not impact the store at all, the collapse was only partial, and business continues as usual.


Update, 2/18/13

Guilford Food Center posted this on their Facebook Page this morning in regards to their status after the partial roof collapse:

Update on the store: As most of you already know, we had a partial collapse of our roof/ceiling in our deli section. Unfortunately this will effect our regular business over the next month or so. We will remain open throughout this "unplanned remodel". We will continue to offer all the fresh cuts of meats & deli items that we have always offered. Please understand that we will do everything we can in this time period to deliver the same quality products & service that you've come to love!

Original Story

This afternoon, Guilford Fire Department was called to Guilford Food Center to shore up the roof that was partially collapsing.

"We noticed that it was sagging a little," Ray Rosa told Guilford Patch. "We went up and cleared off the snow and that's when we noticed, we got on the phone and called up the Fire Department. They're here now shoring it up."

Rosa reports that the partial collapse was above the Deli Department.

"This was a partial collapse on the one side of the roof," Guilford Fireman Mike Shove told Sarah Page Kyrcz, who was on the scene this afternoon. "What we're doing is shoring it up right now to prevent further collapse, so it doesn't come completely down. That way they can work with a contractor to get somebody to fix it up.

Shove and Rosa both confirmed there were no injuries. Captain Chris Gode was in charge of the response operation. 

"No one was injuried and since it was just a partial collapse, it won't affect the store at all," conluded Rosa. 


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