Guilford Police Collaborate with Schools to Ensure all Security Precautions are Examined

After the horrific events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, Guilford Police work closely with Guilford Public Schools to examine all security measures


In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, schools around the state are heightening security measures at local schools and reexamining their policies. According to Sargent Jeff Provencher of the Guilford Police, Chief Terribile has been in continual contact with Superintendent of Schools Paul Freeman.

Offficers were at all Guilford Schools this past Friday, December 14th from mid afternoon until closing of the school day. "The Guilford Police Department will supply the schools with as many officers in the schools as the Superintendent feels is necessary," Provencher shared with Guilford Patch. 

"Therefore parents and students should not be alarmed if they see police officers at the schools," Provencher continued. "This is again purely a precautionary measure, and to give everyone a little added comfort that these children will remain safe in this very difficult time."

According to the New Haven Register, Guilford will station a police officer at every school Monday morning when kids are dropped off for class. They report that school Superintendent Paul Freeman said the decision was made after receiving calls and emails from concerned parents.


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