102 Broad Street Construction Nearing Completion

The majority of construction on this corner lot facing the Guilford Green is expected to be complete in late spring or early summer of this year. Zoning and Wetlands Enforcement Officer Reggie Reid talks about what's in store for the space.


Construction at 102 Broad Street on the Guilford Green has been continuous, but owner Doug Anderson estimates it will be close to complete this summer, if everything goes according to plan. The property will act as a retail/office space, which can hold up to six tenant spaces.

"Our plans are to complete the exterior and most of the interior spaces by summer of 2013," Anderson told Guilford Patch. "And in late spring we hope to move some tenants in."

"I am currently negotiating with a potential client for the second floor office space, which will be a traditional corporate office setting" Anderson continued. "I have no commitments for the first floor yet, which is one to four spaces. I am anticipating placing in a mixture of retail or office spaces, maybe even a restaurant."

The space is actually four buildings within one, and dates back the 1700s. Anderson consulted with Guilford historian Joel Helander to maintain the historical integrity of the space. 

"I have no words to describe the plans for this building except for fabulous," Reggie Reid of the Planning and Zoning Department told Guilford Patch. "The plans have been approved by the Planning and Zoning Department, as well as the Historical Commision. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were."

Planning and Zoning Administrative Assistant Donnette Stahnke gave Guilford Patch similar feedback. "I'm excited to see the outcome of the work," Stahnke said. "The building still has that historic feel, but with cleaner lines. They did a great job not making it look overly contemporary."

Anderson purchased the lot back in 1995 but said it was needed extensive work. "It was a hodge-podge of a building," he said. "We had to gut it right to the bone."

The front space that faces the Green and Broad street will undoubtedly give a tenant plenty of exposure. "I'd like to see that front space used as a restaurant or store preferably," Anderson concluded. "The space is really conducive to that. But right now, we don't know. We may even see a fitness business come in there, maybe a yoga studio."


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