What are Your Christmas Traditions?

Many families who celebrate Christmas have certain traditions they perform every year. Here, students from A.W. Cox Elementary in Guilford share some of their traditions. Tell us yours in the comments.


My family had a long standing Christmas tradition of getting our own tree. We would go to the same tree farm every year. My mom would select the tree, which believe me was no small feat, my father would cut it down, and I would drag it all the to the car, sometimes with a little help. Then we would give our tree a name. We would take pictures of our journey, many times, one of us would fall in the snow, which was always documented, and the pictures can now be found all around our homes. 

Above, A.W. Cox Elementary School students share their holiday traditions. Read what's their favorite part of the holiday's. Traditions included finding their mischievous elf on a shelf, or baking Christmas cookies, eating pancakes, or decorating their tree. 

Do you have any traditions that you celebrate every year at Christmas? Christmas Eve or New Year's? How about Hanukkah? Tell us in the comments, and upload a picture of your tradition.


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