Was Your New Year Resolution to Lose Weight and Be Healthy? Here's How to Get Fit in Guilford

Tips and tricks for getting, and staying, in shape from some experts in Guilford. Plus, the gyms, pilates studios and personal training hot spots here in town.


We're a few weeks into January and it's gut check time on your New Year's Resolution. If your resolution this 2013 year was to get in shape, then no doubt you've been exercising, trying new workouts, heading to the nearest gym or health club, and trying to eat healthy foods. But, if you're finding yourself in a slump, maybe getting off course on your diet, and breaking into those late night potato chips, keep reading for some tips from some local Guilford experts on how to keep that new year's resolution. 

To get some expert advice, I spoke to Christina Kostek, Manager at Planet Fitness in Guilford, and Eric Rapuario, a Premier Certified Trainer at Premier Personal Training in Guilford. When I asked these experts about their best tips for folks trying to keep their New Year's 'Get Fit' Resolutions, this is what they had to say:

  • Your workout has to be integrated into your routine: make it part of your day. Plan for it.
  • Don't overwhelm yourself with setting unrealistic goals, like going from no workouts a week to two hours everyday. Set reasonable, achievable goals.
  • Give yourself permission to miss a day, workout for a shorter time. Life gets in the way sometimes of our plans, don't let a missed workout derail your fitness plans.
  • Do a mix of cardio and weights- both are important. Weight bearing exercises increase your bone density, giving you stronger bones. 
  • The standby, drink water and stay hydrated.
  • Pace yourself
  • It is a process to get out of shape and it is a process to get back in shape- don't expect magic results overnight.
  • Just getting to the gym and putting in a 20 minute workout is going to make you feel better. Even if you don't burn as many calories as you may want, that mood boost will still be there; don't underestimate it's benefits. 
  • Make sure, if you do have a gym membership, that the location is convenient to get to either from work or home. A long commute to your workout spot can become an easy excuse. 
  • Motivation is 90% of the battle. If you can motivate yourself to commit and put in the effort, the result will come.
  • Don't do anything extreme diet or exercise wise. Getting in shape should be done in a very natural, healthy way.
  • Get out of your comfort zone- try a new class, use a different machine at the gym, push yourself. Just take that extra step. 

If these experts' words have inspired you, check out some of the many gyms, studios, fitness centers, etc. that Guilford has to offer, and keep going on that New Year's Resolution:

Where do you workout in Guilford? Tell us in the comments.

SMI January 18, 2013 at 01:36 PM
I go to see James Newman at Quest Fitness in Guilford. They are an amazing group! i had not worked out in years and had a really bad back. James took personal care of me, making sure to take care of my back the whole way. It was intense but alot of fun. I highly recommend him. Check him out on Facebook. They are at 1795 Boston Post Rd (by Guilford Sporting Goods). 203-689-5570
Patti Slavtcheff January 18, 2013 at 02:10 PM
I too go to Quest in Guilford as do all the members of my family. James just started a boys conditioning class on Tues and Thurs afternoons. My 5th grader loves it! James is highly motivating and FULL of energy. He uses sandbags, TRX, ropes and many other techniques for a well rounded and inspiring workout. It's the best workout I have ever had. He's open to creating different age based or sports based workout groups...perfect!


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