Update 8:30 AM, Sunday: First Selectman Says Crews Working Around the Clock

Guilford First Selectman tells us that crews are working around the clock to try and clear the roads.


Sunday morning, February 10, First Selectman Joe Mazza told Guilford Patch that crews continue to plow the roads in full force. "Crews are working around the clock to try and get every road open today," Mazza said. "We have 200 miles of town roads spread out over 48 miles to get through."

"If you do have an emergency, do not worry, we will get to you," Mazza reiterated from his message last night. "We appreciate your patience as we continue to handle this snow storm and its aftermath."

As of last night, the crews had started to work on secondary roads and then would proceed to subdivisions. The town also posted this message on their Facebook this morning:

While I do not have specific road information, crews have been out working to continue clearing roads in Town. Please understand that we have over 200 miles of roads in Town. We are working as quickly as possible and have every resource available to us including payloaders that we are subcontracting. Your continued patience is appreciated.

Currently, CL&P Outage map is reporting that 3% of Guilford homes are without power, about 400 households. Some Guilford residents are also reporting that their power was on, and then went back out again, which Mazza says is part of the way CL&P works with their circuits.

"That is the way CL&P has to work at times," Mazza explained. "They have to turn off a circuit to work on it and then turn it back on again."


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