Halloween in Guilford Tonight

After Hurricane Sandy put Halloween on hold in Guilford, the town rescheduled trick or treating for today!

Tonight is Halloween in Guilford, so head out trick-or-treating with your ghosts and goblins! The holiday was postponed after Hurricane Sandy ripped through Guilford, leaving many downed trees and extensive power outages as the night of October 31st rolled around. The town cautioned residents about choosing to go out to trick-or-treat with all the hazards.

Some Guilford residents celebrated Halloween by pumpkin carving at Bishop's post Sandy, but we missed out on good, old fashioned, trick-or-treating.

So the holiday was rescheduled for tonight, a Friday night, when there is no school to rush to tomorrow morning, and no work in the AM for most. According to the the Town Hall, the Park and Rec will not be holding their annual Parade/Costume contest event that they usually hold on the green.

There are several stores on the Guilford Green that will be participating in Halloween today! Thanks to Page's Hardaware Facebook Post, we know that they are offering free popcorn to those who drop by. They are also holding a Pumpking Carving Contest, so you can cast your vote for your favorite pumpkin!

They've also shared other businesses that will be participating in today's festivities. They posted this on their Facebook wall:

The following businesses around the Green have confirmed they will be giving out treats: Breakwater Books, Vera Wolf, Franks Package Store, Purple Bear, Mix, The Village Chocolatier, Gallery Raffael.

So tonight is the opportunity to go door to door and head to the Green in full Halloween costume around Guilford neighborhoods on the hunt for yummy candy and a fun night out!

Share your pics with Guilford Patch: If you have a fun photo to share from tonight, just upload it right to this page by clicking 'Upload Photos or Videos' write underneath the photo featured.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!


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