Guilford's Cilantro Remembers Sandy Hook

In a heartwarming tribute on their front window, the local specialty foods store on the Guilford Green remembers the victims of Sandy Hook.


Walking by Cilantro on the Green, you'll notice a tribute to Sandy Hook the business has displayed in their two front windows. Subtly posted on the windows, are small, postcard sized stories of how folks are remembering and honoring the victims.

"We had a benefit concert for Sandy Hook a little while back," one employee told Guilford Patch. "Those who attended filled them out and we've displayed them on the window so we can pay tribute to those victims and their families."

The question asked was "What we decided to do... for Sandy Hook 2012" These were some answers:

"Remember the Little Things."

"To put them in my prayers."

"I prayed, I cried, I hugged other crying moms, I hugged my boys, I prayed."

"Spend more time with my family and enjoy every moment I have with them."

"Everytime I hug my daughters, I'll do it for a full 26 seconds; one for each of the Sandy Hook victims."

"My family set up a Christmas tree with 26 ornaments enscribed with the names of the victims that we will display every year to remember those who wer lost just before the holiday season..."

"I pray that the angels will stay in Sandy Hook and watch over the town and that the familes will always know they are there with them".

"Love More."

"Be someone's best friend."

"Be kinder to each person I meet. Fight for gun control. Pray for Peace."

"Remember their names, their stories, how we can come together everyday."

"To give my love and support to anyone who needs it."

How are you remembering Sandy Hook? Tell us in the comments.

Tina Marie Clark January 30, 2013 at 11:29 PM
http://youtu.be/xNQCaaQbeHo My Tribute Song I'm Praying For CT. For All ho Were Affected! New Town Ct. You Are Not Alone, Squeeze Tight It's The World Holding Your Hand! I'm A Songwriter I Wrote This In Hopes It Brings You Some Comfort Titled: "Let Jesus Fix Your Heart" By: "Tina Marie" Clark tinamarieclark10@gmail.com


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