Guilford Property Transactions

Here's a peek at Guilford's most recent real estate sales.


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  • Alfred and Lisa D. Sagnella to Kevin P. and Joey M. Flanagan, August 20, 11 Watering Pond Road, $385,000. 
  • 53A Broad Street to Amanda J. Patrick and Debra H. Ruotolo, August 21, 53 Broad Street, Unit 2E, $360,000. 
  • Amanda J. Patrick and Debra H. Ruotolo to Harold S. White, August 20, 2655 Long Hill Road, $387,500.
  • Thomas and Mary Morrison Nicholas to Christian K. and Erin N. Appleman, August 20, 144 Willow Road, $490,000.
  • Sidney A. Leslie, Jr. to Laura E. Leslie, August 22, Lot 36B Clapboard Hill Road, $0
  • Margaret Fanning Estate/Steven W. Whalen/Committee to OneWest Bank, FSB, July 6, 5 Rosemary Lane, $265,000.
  • OneWest Bank, FSB to Federal National Mortgage Association, July 16, 5 Rosemary Lane, $0
  • Brookfield Relocation, Inc. to Linda Hubbard, July 19, 177 State Street, $649,900.
  • Jerome F. Barretta to James V. Barretta, August 23, 280 Little Meadow Road, $0
  • Estate of Lawrence M. Harris to Jason Bates and Jennifer Dauphinais, August 3, 970 Route 80, 226,600.
  • Frederick C. and Sharon Levesh to Frederick C. Levesh, August 20, 59 Putzel Avenue, $0
  • Stephen B. Benenson to Stephen B. Benenson, Trustee of the Stephen B. Benenson Living Trust, August 22, 313 South Union Street, $0.
  • Julian David Roberts to Julian David Roberts and Patrizia C. DiLonardo, August 22, 961 Route 80, $0.
  • Brian and Susan Campbell to Edward M. O'Hara, August 23, 937 Goose Lane, $510,000.
  • Jacques W. Almeida to Shannon R. Johnston, August 22, 274 Church Street, Unit 8B, $186,000.
  • Jeremy A. Mellitz to Sandra J. Jedziniak, August 23, 2788 Long Hill Road, $0.
  • James J. Abrahams to James J. Abrahams, Trustree for The James J. Abrahams Revocable Trust, August 27, 283 Water Street, $0.
  • Stig A. Kry and Rebecca Stig to Peter J. and Joy R. Nagle, August 22, 92 Long Hill Farms, $405,000.
  • Shannon Johnston to William E. Johnston August 27, 234  Long Hill Road, $0.


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