Move Afoot to Get Guilford Native Adam Greenberg Back Into Pro Ball

One man has started a website to get Greenberg, whose family lives in Guilford, another shot at the majors.


After years of Little League and minor league baseball, Guilford native Adam Greenberg finally got brought up to The Show about seven years ago by the Chicago Cubs.

He got his first at-bat in July of 2005, but was struck by a fastball before he ever got a hit. According to this story in the New York Times, the ball strike left Greenberg with vision and vertigo problems. His major league career was over in a second before it even began. He's been playing back in the minor leagues since that fateful day and running a business.

Now one baseball fan has started a website called "One at Bat" to try and get Greenberg, whose parents, Mark and Wendy, live in Guilford with their other children, back into the majors.

"We want to get Adam Greenberg his first "official" Major League at bat," the website, founded by Matt Liston, says. "Of the 17,500 players who have played in the major leagues, no player has ever had his MLB career end on the first pitch—except Adam Greenberg."

The website includes an online petition supporters can sign.


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