Guilford Isle Enclave For Sale

Horse Island, a five-minute walk off the shore of Guilford - you can walk it at low tide - includes a five-bedroom house.


Looking for your own island getaway? A place where you can still walk to shore at certain times (as long as it's low tide and you don't mind getting your feet wet)? Here's a nifty little property for you.

Horse Island has two beaches, spectacular sunsets over the nearby and includes a "lovely contemporary" style home "just perfect for entertaining," according to a recent listing of the island.

The sales price on that listing is $1.8 million, but a story Thursday in the Hartford Courant says the asking price is $2.5 million.

The listing also says there's a "pulley system onshore to store a dingy then it is just minutes to the island."

The island is in the Sachem's Head area and has beach access and rights on the mainland. You can also walk to the mainland, but only at low tide.


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