Guilford Home Featured in 'Better Homes and Gardens'

Interior designer Ann Rae opens her Guilford residence to Patch for a tour, a chat about her style, her love of Guilford architecture, and of course, to meet her housemates; her husband and three dogs.


While house hunting in Connecticut, interior designer Ann Rae was led to her now Guilford home along the way; and as soon as she stepped foot in it, she knew it was the one. Thanks to her taste and talent, that Guilford home was featured in the February 2013 issue of 'Better Homes and Gardens.' But for Ann, it's all about just being home.

"When we were taking our tour, I stood in the kitchen and said 'I'm home,'" Ann told Guilford Patch. "This house spoke to me like none of the others had. My husband and I told our Realtor, 'we love it, we want it, now go get it for us.'"

Since they moved in, Ann has turned the Guilford residence into an oasis of colors with understated New England charm, comfort and sophistication. For Ann, a home is a blank slate, anxiously awaiting an owner's brushstrokes.

"Your home is a reflection of you," Ann says. "Your house is your palette; your masterpiece that is never finished. I am a huge advocate for always evolving the appearance of your house, because our work is never done. We change how we look all the time, our home should be no exception."

Often times, Ann's decorating changes reflect the ever changing nature right outside her front door. "I am all about the changing seasons," she continues. "Every season has it's merits, that's what I love."

The seasons and all they have to offer are just one of the many things she and her husband love about Guilford. "We love the beach, bird watching, crabbing," Ann shares. "We lived in New Canaan prior to this, but I grew up in Madison. I missed the coast. Now, when our grandchildren come to visit, we love to do all those classic shoreline activities here in Guilford."

"I also feel like the architecture here in Guilford is just so unique," Ann continues. "There's a respect for that history, a respect for what was, but also what can be. The style is impeccable and the area is truly a gem. The town is also a homage to those outdoor spaces, like marshes and ponds."

As far as her decorating style goes, Ann is all about color (turquoise is her favorite). "Color is what I do," she says. "When I work with client's we'll work on a color palette as a strong anchor for our work."

Building relationships with clients is one of things Ann loves about her work. "I do everything with my clients, from soup to nuts," she says. "I always tell them when we start that a home should be something that suits them, that's comfortable and fun. A house should be designed not to impress, but to live in."

To help decorate her own home and those of her client's, Ann frequents many Guilford businesses. "Kathryn Greene has delightful collections at her gallery, and I absolutely adore her sculptures," Ann says. "I love the local artisans at Guilford Art Center, Mix Design Store, Evergreen Fine Crafts, and Another Look."

"With the pieces I pick out, whether it be artwork or another decorative accent, it's not about how much you spend, it's about how something speaks to you," Ann concludes. "And of course, you always have to remember to have fun with it."

Ann's home is featured in the February 2013 issue of 'Better Homes and Gardens.'

Sharron Andrews February 06, 2013 at 01:04 AM
nice job on this article. the photos were great and I enjoyed knowing there are so many great design shops in the town that I love.


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