Boy Scout Troop 472 Pitches in with Guilford Blizzard Recovery

After St. John's Church and North Guilford Congregational Church put out a call for some help clearing their lots- Boy Scout Troop 472 answered with front loaders, shovels, and hours of hard work!


Boy Scout Troop 472 regularly meets at St. John's in Guilford, who also sponsors the Troop. As a way to say 'thanks,' they were ready and willng to lend some assistance in clearing snow from the St. John's parcel after the historic Blizzard this past weekend.

"Rev. Maureen Ledermen from St. John's Church contacted me to ask the Boy Scouts from Troop 472 for assistance in clearing the snow from St. John's Church," David DiNoia, Committee Chair of Boy Scout Troop 472 told Guilford Patch in an email.

"As a means to say 'Thank You' to St. John's for their gracious sponsorship, the scouts do various community service projects there throughout the year, and we thought this was a great opportunity to pitch in once again."

"At the same time, Peggy Lindgren, mother of Josh Lindgren from Troop 472, saw a request for assistance posted on the NGCC Facebook page found via the Patch," David continued.

Peggy then reached out to David on Monday and he, in turn, reached out to all the memebers of the Troop, asking for help at both of the churches on Tuesday morning.

"When my son, Ben, and I arrived, Bill Sorensen was already hard at work clearing snow at NGCC with his front loader," David said. "And his grandson, Christopher Hollenbeck, was working with a shovel cleaning up where Bill could not get with the tractor."

"Soon after, the scouts and members of NGCC showed up carrying their shovels to lend a hand too," he continued. "As it always seems to happen in community efforts like this, everyone helped out wherever they could at all four buildings."

"When we were done, all walkways were cleared, doors accessible and decks shoveled off," David continued. "Bill even made the parking lots at both churches partially accessible enough so that the plows could come and do their work to lear the parking lots."

How much snow did the group move? Well, David said that the mounds they started working on were at least 8 feet tall.

"We all worked for over three hours to get all the snow removed around the buildings," he concluded.

The following people participated in the snow removal:

  • Benjamin DiNoia - Troop 472
  • Josh Lindgren - Troop 472
  • Steven Prinz, Jr. Troop 472
  • Troy Prinz - Pack 472 (Cub Scouts)
  • Erik VanDerMaelen - Troop 472
  • Nate Wilson - Troop 472
  • Peggy Lindgren - Troop 472 (Parent)
  • Steven Prinz, Sr. - Troop 472 (Parent)
  • David DiNoia - NGCC & Troop 472 (Parent)
  • Steve VanDerMaelen - NGCC & Troop 472 (Parent)
  • Becky Gladych - NGCC
  • Diane Grasso - NGCC
  • Christopher Hollenbeck - NGCC
  • Bill Sorensen - NGCC


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