East River Energy Officially Unveils "Hope" Trucks

Since its beginning in 1984, East River Energy has annually donated to countless organizations, personally became involved in mentoring programs, supported youth and sports teams throughout the area and helped the Shoreline area police and fire departments as part of their community commitment and involvement. They are also a corporate sponsor to the Soundview Family YMCA in Branford.

Every year for 16 years, East River Energy has donated money to the Hammerfest Triathlon to benefit Brian’s Hope.  Concurrently, East River Energy has also been a proud supporter of the CFMS Fund.

Recently, the newest additions to East River Energy’s monetary and personal commitment was to add decals on two of their oil delivery trucks to bring awareness and emphasize the importance of these two worthy causes.

On September 5th, 2013 at East River Energy in Guilford the "Hope" Trucks were officially unveiled. 
A reception followed which included special guests The Kelley family, of Brian's Hope, and CFMS Fund director Melanie DiNicola.


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