What it Takes to Switch Careers When it Looks Like the One You're in Isn't Sustaining

Marietta Lee was a lawyer and a journalist when she set her sights on switching careers to engineering. In this article from Byron Academy, she talks about how she did that.

Marietta Lee, a Madison mom, community volunteer, and town official,  when she decided that a change was in order.

“I knew the path I was taking in journalism wasn’t sustaining,” Lee explains, “and going into the family business was good for the family.”

In an article written for Byron Academy, a company that encourages girls to pursue STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), Lee talks about how she made the switch to engineering and why she's glad she did. 

Read more on the Byron Academy website.

Ryan Duques of Madison, the founder of Byron Academy, says Lee is one of several women featured by Byron Academy, which is named for the world's first recognized computer programmer: Ada Byron, who was known as Lady Lovelace.

Read more about the Byron Academy and its work on the Byron Academy website.


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