"It's Worth It" Signs Popping Up All Over Guilford

“We’re trying to create that curiosity, so that over the next couple of weeks people will be asking that question, ‘What’s Worth It? What is it?’” said a local spokesperson.


If you've been out and about in Guilford lately you most likely have seen one or more of the many signs dotting the local landscape proclaiming, “It’s Worth It.”

They seem to be everywhere you look. Prominently displayed high atop the old town dump on Route 1, adorning the campuses of the local schools, even rising above traffic, in banner form, on Route 1 near the .

Some area businesses have even agreed to post them in their windows. The Chamber of Commerce, when first approached, seemed a bit leery of supporting a cause they knew nothing about. 

“I looked at her askance and she said to me, ‘I know you might not be comfortable with this, but I have to tell you that this is a wonderful group, a not for profit, that everybody’s going to be so thrilled, it’s such a good initiative’” recalled Guilford Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Janet Testa.

When pressed for more information, Testa said, the anonymous spokesperson for the group replied, “’Obviously, this a tease and we can’t let people know what it is, but it is a non-profit group and it benefits an organization or body of people here in Guilford.' That was as much as she could tell me!”

Testa said she still did not feel 100 percent confident that the Chamber should support this unknown cause and declined to post the sign.

Only one thing is know for sure. This teaser campaign is Guilford specific. It is not a national campaign, but a homegrown public relations campaign that seems to be growing.

The discussions are not limited to the coffee shops and streets, but have begun popping up on the Internet.  Here's a peek at a thread growing on Barbara Puffer’s Facebook page.  When she posed the question she got a myriad of different ideas of what this simple phrase could be associated with.

Anyone know what the simple signs and ads all over town -- It's worth it -- mean?

  • It's a lead in Banner, The next one will say shopping local or going to the fair in Guilford is "worth it"  
  • Oh, i agree it's leading up to something. It won't be the Fair or I would know about it, though.
  • It's about not texting while driving
  • Sue ... Wow... That sounds right 
  • It was on the growing up in Guilford page!

A jump over to the Facebook page dedicated to Growing Up In Guilford shows a very similar thread, with different scenarios as to what the message could be all about!

Seen on a banner across Route 1 and on signs around town....I want to know...WHAT'S WORTH IT??? :) 

  • There's one at the old dump too. I wondered what it meant but didn't realize there were other signs too. I figured it had something to do with the upcoming election.
  • What a way to inspire interest...hmmm....
  • Stop texting (It's worth it) Get off the phone, (it's worth it)
  • driving that is.....it will save a life...
  • It's for the Guilford Family Youth & Services
  • Just saw one at Adams, one at the Handcraft Center and one at Dudley Farm
  • It is for drug and alcohol awareness program.
  • why didn't they SAY so!!!! Lol
  • They will say in about 3 weeks - see all the interst it's attracting

The discussion will most likely continue for the next week or so, until the organization and people behind this campaign is revealed.  In the meantime, the banners and signs are certainly doing exactly what the organizers hoped they would do.

“We’re trying to create that curiosity, so that over the next couple of weeks people will be asking that question, ‘What’s Worth It? What is it?’” said a local spokesperson. “We really want people to people to keep their attention on it, to really want to know what the next step is.”

John Billings September 05, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Yes indeed it is the talk on Growing up Guilford... My wife is the one that started the page and she reads it all the time. It is also the buzz around town as my customers ask me what it is all about. I believe this Flash Mob coming to town hs something to do with the banner. We need hope in this town has so many people are finding it hard to live in this town.
Jill Lesage September 05, 2012 at 01:23 PM
I googled the term and it looks like the Westwood Open Space non-profit is supporting efforts to bike on the trails. Westwoods is an awesome place to ride on the Connecticut shoreline in Guilford, CT.  The technical riding here is among the best in the state, and there are tons of trails. they say try mountain biking here " It's Worth It "!
Sarah Page Kyrcz September 05, 2012 at 08:43 PM
WOW! I love all these different scenarios that are being considered! Any one of them could be right...keep watching Guilford Patch for the reveal!!
Sarah Page Kyrcz September 08, 2012 at 02:38 AM
VIA Facebook: Cindy Gerstl: I've been thinking that it's about supporting education. Most worthy issue I can think of.


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