Partner For Success This Summer!!

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

Isn't it time to make the changes you have always wanted?  Partnering with a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach is the best way to do it. 

Do you want to.........

  • include more exercise in your day
  • reduce stress
  • enhance your personal development
  • add more overall holistic balance to your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing?
           Schedule Your Wellness Tune Up Today!!
                  Call 203-906-8314 To Schedule

Your 45 Minute Complimentary Coaching Assessment
with Karen Gomez, Holistic Life and Wellness Coach
                             valid thru 8/31/2013  

Session Includes:

A Wellness Assessment

Evaluation for Change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance)

Identify Motivators, Obstacles and Strategies

Develop a 14 Day Wellness Vision and Goal to achieve a behavior change

Establish Progress Indicators ie: How will you know you have met your goal

      Don't wait!  Schedule your Holistic Wellness Coaching Session for yourself or a loved one today!

        Special Monthly Coaching Rates Available through 
                       months of July and August


         We Are The ONES Wellness and Coaching is

For more information about Karen and her practice,  visit www.we-are-the-ones.com


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